World Most Popular Android Tablet

What is the most popular Android Tablet ? It is not the iPad, but an Android tablet. Guess what it is ?

According to Animoca and Localytics data, featured on Read Write, it is a Samsung based Android Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Amazon Kindle Fire takes the next place, and Google own Nexus 7 shows up in the top 6 on Animoca, and takes number 4 in Localytics data.

world-most-popular-android_tablets-animoca-localytics-read-writeIf there is one thing that Apple’s iPad has told us is that tablet consumers are very sensitive about both price and size when it comes to tablets. Consumers were basically screaming for a smaller, cheaper iPad by the time Apple released the iPad Mini in November 2012. So it’s no surprise

Most of the tablets on both lists are of the 7-inch to 8-inch variety. And most of them retail for $200 to $400.

Source: Read Write

I have not tried a 7-inch tablet, so I cannot tell, but I do own a 10-inch Asus Transformer Pad. I have to say that it is expensive, compared to a 7-inch tablet, but I get great screen estate, comparable to a notebook.

However, the market is driven by price, and small screen does means lower price, because screen size drives the tablet price.

With Samsung dominating every niche of the Android market, it is no surprise that one of its tablet makes it to the top of Android tablet most popular device.

Image Credit: Read Write