Update Your Nook to Android 4.1

Nook to AndroidDo you know that Barnes and Noble Nook tablets is based on Android OS ? Yes, Nook tablets do use Android OS at its base. Barnes and Noble simply add a custom interface layer to it. Now you can get your Nook tablets to run stock Android OS with Nook to Android (N2A). The latest update of N2A now will get you up to speed with Android 4.1.

Previously limited to the Android 2.3 Gingerbread experience, Nook 2 Android (N2A) microSD cards now allow the aforementioned devices to boot directly to the same Android 4.1 Jelly Bean experience that comes with phones and tablets.  Specifically, this is a Cyanogenmod port of Android, or the preferred stock UI and features that many modders prefer to employ. In a nutshell, these cards turn the e-readers/tablets into Android tablets, complete with widgets and access to Google Play.

Source: Android Guys

N2A runs on microSD card that turns your Nook tablet into Android 4.1 in an instant. It is available in 8GB – 64GB microSD card for $29.99. For the adventurous you, for $19.99, you can download and set it up on your own existing microSD card.

The advantage of running Android 4.1 on your Nook tablet is obvious. You get more apps choices, since you can now get your apps from Google Play, with its 700,000+ app library. You also get access to themes, widgets and launchers. Additional storage space is also unlocked.

Go check it out at N2A website.