The Android Tablet Advantage

Do you know the biggest advantage Android Tablet has over other OS ? Such as iOS and Windows 8 ? It is the desktop experience. Android tablet widgets play a crucial role here.

The great benefit of widgets, as espoused by Android fans during debates with iPhone fans, is that they present information without opening an app. The logical extreme of this has been seen in devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with floating video players, side by side windows, and vast amounts of pixel space to show large widgets. At this point, you begin to see that Android is closer to a desktop experience than any other phone operating system (perhaps with the exception of Nokia’s Maemo user interface).

Take the Nexus 7, it has all the standard widgets that we squeeze onto our phone screens – they take on a whole new life on a with that tablet’s pixel density and size. They can be expanded to show a much greater amount of information, showing us much more of the daily information that matters to us. Overall, the quality and immediacy of the user experience is vastly improved.

Source: Android Authority

The Android OS has its roots in the smartphone arena. It is designed for small screen. However, even then, it is trying to emulate the desktop experience. Starting with Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the OS is starting to take tablet factor seriously. It is also succeeding in that area.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of apps in that area. Most likely due to the fact that many developers own only an Android smartphone. There is the fact that most Android tablet out there are based on Android 2.3, which are smartphone-era Android. This makes app developers who have those tablets do not know what their app looks like on tablet-optimized Android OS.

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