Tablets generates more internet traffic than smartphones

tablet_vs_smartphone_growth-adobe-digital-index-A recent study published by Adobe, “Tablets trump smartphones in global website traffic“, shows that tablet have outdone smartphones in terms of generating web traffic. People prefer to use their tablets to browse the internet, compared to smartphones. The bigger screen is surely a major factor. And as both tablet and  smartphone owner, I have to say I enjoy browsing more on tablet than on a smartphone.

global_traffic_by_device-adobe-digital-indexThe desktop still rules web traffic, it is still commanding 84% of web traffic. With tablet at 8% and smartphones at 7%.

We’ve been keep­ing a close eye on how quickly tablets have taken off. Just a year ago in Jan­u­ary we uncov­ered that vis­i­tors using tablets spend 54% more per online order than their coun­ter­parts on smart­phones, and 19% more than desktop/laptop users. Dur­ing the past hol­i­day shop­ping sea­son we saw that 13.5% of all online sales were trans­acted via tablets. And last month before the Super Bowl we learned that online view­er­ship via tablets dou­bles dur­ing big sport­ing events. Now we know that not only is tablet traf­fic more valu­able in terms of ecom­merce and engage­ment, tablets have also become the pri­mary device for mobile browsing.

Source: Adobe

Of course, this trend will likely to continue, especially with tablet price war escalating which means cheaper tablets with more powerful features.