Tablets are not PC killers

With the release of tablets and the avalanche that follow after, many analysts are predicting death of the PC. But according to an analyst from Forrester Research, tablet will not kill PC.

“Tablets will not kill PCs,” wrote Forrester Research analyst Frank Gillett. “Tablets will force them to evolve.” Gillett explains that while people may prefer a tablet when they are on the move many users yearn for the bigger screens, multiple windows and the greater processing power that facilitates “real work”.

PC companies often blame macroeconomic factors for the recent declines in PC sales and Gillett also thinks this is indeed a large contributory factor. Buying tablets and smartphones may have taken away some of consumer’s purchasing power to get the latest PC or laptop in the last year but the decline in PC purchases will end as people “go through this illusion they will do it all on a tablet and realise they can’t” explains Gillett.

Source : Hexus

I have to agree and disagree. Tablets will eventually replace PC, the evolution will make the PC obsolete. The tablets are much cheaper compared to a tablet. Rarely do we see a tablet costing thousands of dollars, while the PC are in that range.

The biggest advantage the PC have right now is in the interchangeable ability of its components, which makes upgrades easy to do. However, even upgrades are limited to the lifetime of the motherboard and processors. New technologies are also forcing the PC to be replaced every two years. It is very rare to see a PC lifetime above two years.

This interchangeable ability is PC biggest advantage, however with technology forcing the PC to be obsolete faster and faster, there is little reason not to buy a tablets.

The size and power of the tablets are their biggest advantage that the PC can never compete with. Even laptops have their limitations. The thin ultrabook are no competitor to the tablet compact and portability. The netbook, well, let us just say it is history. For the same screen size, we can have a more powerful and cheapeer tablets.

So, in the end I believe Tablet will replace the PC, just not in the near future.