Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review from Slashgear

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0I found a review of Samsung latest tablet, Galaxy Note 8.0 from Slashgear. The Galaxy Note series is infamous for its S-pen. The 8-inch form factor also suggest that it is going head to head against the iPad Mini. How does it fare, according to Slashgear?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is going to be your perfect Samsung GALAXY S 4 companion – it’s got the same design aesthetic, it has a lot of the same features, and they both come in white! Of course when you find yourself marveling over the fact that the GALAXY S 4 is able to compete with this tablet for processing power, you’ll be a bit baffled about your Note purchase. The S-Pen will save the day, on the other hand, as there’s really nothing on the market that compares with what Samsung has done with this little value-added utensile.

Source: Slash Gear

From what I gather on the Slashgear review, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is a bigger version of Samsung Galaxy S4. Its S-pen feature is also top notch and unbeatable. What is more interesting is the screen sharing features, where Samsung devices can connect to each other and share the same screen.

The price, at US$399 is quite expensive. This tablet is definitely not for everyone. But, if you love Samsung devices, then this tablet is definitely for you.

Image Credit: Slash Gear