Pwn Pad

pwn-pad-pwnie-expressAndroid Tablet is becoming a multi purpose tool. A security company, Pwnie Express have built a custom hacking tablet called the Pwn Pad. The main purpose is testing out entreprise network security. It is loaded with hacking toolkit built on top of Android OS. It also uses a TP-Link wireless network adapter to increase its range by 10 times.

Some important hacking tools have already been ported to Android, but Pwnie Express says that they’ve added some new ones. Most importantly, this is the first time that they’ve been able to get popular wireless hacking tools like Aircrack-ng and Kismet to work on an Android device.

“Every pen tester we know has a phone and a tablet and a laptop, but none of them has been able to do pen-testing from the tablet,” says Dave Porcello, Pwnie Express’s CEO.

The trick here is that Android’s streamlined version of the Linux operating system does not support the kernel-level wireless features that these tools need to mess around with the data on wireless networks (something known as packet injection).

Pwnie Express solved the problem by getting a TP-Link wireless adapter to support packet injection on Android. (It’s the white device with an antenna that’s plugged into the Android phone in the picture, above.) This may be a little more cumbersome than hacking the wireless chip that Android ships with, but the TP-Link’s antenna give it perhaps 10 times the range, Porcello says.

Source: Wired

The tablet will retails for $795 in April 2013. The core tablet used is Google Nexus 7, which I have covered in Mini Tablet PC page on this website.

Image Credit: Pwnie Express via Wired