Project Shield Burn Zombie Burn

Burn-Zombie-Burn-demo-NVIDIAs-Project-ShieldNVIDIA is showcasing one of its Tegra 4 optimized games, “Burn Zombie Burn” on its Project Shield Android based device.

NVIDIA’s Project SHIELD is NVIDIA’s own portable, Android gaming device running on their latest-gen processor, the Tegra 4. Project SHIELD is capable of running PC-quality like games and is set to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry. It was one of the highlights of the Consumer Electronic Show this year, and it has many people anticipating its Q2 launch. The device features a 5-inch LCD display and promises around 5-10 hours of gameplay per charge. The screen is attached to a console-like gamepad that should make gameplay feel more easier and familiar. Project SHIELD’s UI runs on Android Jelly Bean and there’s a ‘Tegra’ button on the physical controller that will bring you to your games menu

Source: Slash Gear

For full video demo and impression, check out Slash Gear coverage over at “NVIDIA’s Project SHIELD demos Burn Zombie Burn“.

Image Credit : Slash Gear