Playing PC Games for Android

Agawi platformAgawi is creating a platform that will enable people to play PC Games on Android. The game will be hosted and streamed to the Android device.

Agawi will make games available as three-day or five-day rentals. Honestly, this could be a deal breaker for a lot of people out there it would be no fun to find the game you really like only to have to keep paying rentals rather than being able to purchase the game outright. The game service uses cloud technology converts the games in the data center allowing them to be streamed as a video to the players tablet.

Interactivity and control inputs are sent back to the web-connected datacenter where the game is actually running. The good news is that since the game runs directly on the server it doesn’t matter what hardware the player is using. That should mean even if you’re using a slower, older Android device, you’ll still get a good game play experience.

Source: Android Community

Personally, it would be better if they offer the game on a subscription basis instead of rentals. PC Games are not light, casual games usually found on Android game library and Facebook.

Image Credit: Android Community