NVIDIA White Label Smartphones and Tablets

NVIDIA Tegra 3 LogoNVIDIA is a chip maker that, like Intel, is trying to break into the smartphone and tablet market. So far it was quite successful with several manufacturers uses their Tegra processor to power their tablets and smartphones. However, those are quite rare, with Quallcomm still leading the market.

To push things further, NVIDIA decides to create a reference design of a complete smartphone and tablets, powered by its Tegra processors, of course. It is currently being offered to Russia and India. It is targeting the low end market, meaning it should be available for a reasonable price.

It will start this May-June, with tens of cheap and high quality 7-10” tablets popping up in various markets, under different brands, seemingly out of nowhere. Some of them will have NVIDIA or Tegra name on, some won’t. The branding decisions are left to local partners. But all of them will be one of the same few basic models, designed and manufactured by NVIDIA. The company aims to have one or two strong partners per market, with a goal on making them into a strong regional vendors over time.

Source: Unwired View

While it is unlikely to reach the US market anytime soon, the ultimate goal for NVIDIA is to put its brand forward and hopefully make big manufacturers think about its Tegra chipsets in their offerings.

NVIDIA’s plan may bring a number of better cheap tablets to the U.S., but many of the companies it will work with are small regional manufacturers in countries like Russia and India. The overall goal is to get Tegra chips into more devices, and its likely easier to convince smaller regional companies to buy white label products than it is to convince companies like Asus, LG and Acer.

Source: Gotta Be Mobile

Image Credit : Gotta Be Mobile