Nexus 7 is best tablet of 2012

Nexus 7 is set to be the best tablet of 2012. Having only been released in July, this is a great achievement for Google Nexus line, as well as Android OS. PC Magazine has announced that the best 7″ Tablet of 2012 goes to Nexus 7.

What a great year for Android! Now that the end of the year is coming, all the companies are getting their “Best of” list ready. One notably is PC Mag’s Best of 2012 List, which this year shows Android some love.

First up is the Nexus 7, Google’s flagship 7” Android Tablet. PC Mag awarded it best 7” Tablet of 2012. Which as a Nexus 7 user I can say that its well deserved. PC Mag says,

Google’s 7-inch tablet is an amazing value at $199, with a slim, elegant design, a fast processor, the latest Android OS, and a wider variety of available apps than competing 7-inch tablets. It’s more powerful, more flexible, and more affordable than any other tablet in its class.

Source: Android Headlines

The main advantage has to be price. With a high end spec and low price, the Nexus 7 has become bestseller all over the world. It is also very much anticipated by countries that are yet to start sales of the Nexus 7. Right now, this is the best Android tablet you can buy on the market.