Nexus 10 Not Exclusive to Google Play

Google-Nexus-10Google Nexus 10 is an elusive tablet. At launch, it was available only on Google Play. No more. It is now available from third-party retailers. At a price, of course.

If you’re interested in Google Nexus 10, third-party online stores are currently selling the two WiFi-only Nexus 10 variants with a slightly more expensive price tag. The Samsung Nexus 10 with 16GB storage and WiFi-only is $490 to $500 each, while the 32GB top-end WiFi-only model costs $590 to $600.

For comparison, the Google Play Store is offering the Google Nexus 10 16GB storage and WiFi only for just $399 each, while the 32GB WiFi-only variant sports $499 price tag.

Source: Pop Herald

I prefer to have it cheaper than to have it faster. But, we all have our own priorities.