Littlest Pet Shop For Android Tablet

Littlest Pet Shop from Gameloft

CuteĀ little animal are a heartbreaker. It is also the basis of many games. The first one that I remember is the popular hit Tamagotchi. You adopt a pet, you feed it and play with it. All of it should of course be done in our spare time. However, the pet in the game soon became a part of our life and we start checking on it constantly.

The same theme is occuring again with Littlest Pet Shop from Gameloft. Gameloft is, of course, not new to the mobile game world. It is one of the top mobile game publisher. It publishes games for the iOS, iPad, Android and other mobile phones.

It is now available for Android Tablet and is very popular with children and adult alike. You can download it for free on Google Play. It is a 12MB download and requires Android 2.3. So check your Android version before downloading.

There is one thing to remember if you are going to let your kids play with this, it features in-app purchases. To avoid surprises, make sure you locked the app purchase ability on your Android tablet.

How exactly do you play the game ?

Littlest Pet Shop is very much in the same vein as My Little Pony (which makes sense, given the back-end talent they have in common). You’re charged with taking care of the pets, which means acquiring planes for them to live and play, food to eat, earn rewards and complete quests.

Source: Android Central

From the reviews on Google Play, people are complaining about the app being slow and sluggish. This game either requires a good hardware or a good mobile internet connection. Most of the time, it is a good hardware requirement. From my experience, this translates to three things, processor, graphic processor and memory. It is most likely requires at minimum :

  • Dual-core processors with speed of 1000MHz / 1 GHz or higher.
  • Dedicated Graphics processors.
  • Internal Memory of 512MB / 0.5GB or more.

The best way to check is of course to shift through the reviews at Google Play and check if people are noting that the app is slow on your Android tablet brand. You may want to check Google Nexus 7 that I research on my Mini Tablet PC report. It combines the best hardware with reasonable price. From the hardware specifications, Google Nexus 7 meet and exceed Littlest Pet Shop hardware requirement.