Kickstarter PC Running Android OS

MiiPCThere is a project on Kickstarter aiming to bring Android OS to the old desktop PC, called MiiPC. This project is also of interest due to its parent friendly features.

Why we as parents needed to create MiiPC

We have created MiiPC as parents first. We want our children to enjoy the fruits of the internet, knowledge, apps at their finger tips and for them to relax playing suitable games. But we also don’t want them watching disturbing videos or play violent games that could cause nightmares. You would think twice about letting young kids even see the darker Harry Potter movies, so why shouldn’t you take the same approach online?

“Our mission is to create a simple and effective way for families to take back control of online experiences, letting MiiPC create a safe and relaxed environment for your family computing”

Source: Kickstarter

The PC itself is in a box form that connects to your television. You can also connect mouse and keyboard to it.

Priced at $89 (£59, AUS$84) for early bird adopters, it’ll come packing a Marvell New Armada dual-core 1.2Ghz SoC with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal flash storage. Keyboard and mouse peripherals can also be attached.

Source: TechRadar

Google already have a ChromeBook in place as notebook replacement, so it will be interesting to see if Google will make a move towards the desktop PC.

Image Credit : Kickstarter