Google Nexus 7 32GB Priced in the UK

Google’s Android Tablet, Nexus 7 is now available in 32GB configuration in the UK. The price ? £179.99.

Comet, which unfortunately is going through a difficult phase, is selling the 32GB model of the Nexus 7 for £179.99. This is part of the retailer’s 10% liquidation sale on all items. The deal is only valid for in-store purchase, and you may have to look hard for local stores that have stocks of the Google tablet.

Meanwhile, Currys is selling the same Nexus 7 variant for £179.99, though it comes with a catch. You’ll only get the discount if you purchase a case for the slate, otherwise you’ll have to pay the full price of £199.99. Seeing that the original Nexus 7 cover costs £24.99 – you’re looking at a £20 saving for the combo. It’s a proposition you don’t want to miss.

Source: Android Authority

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