Google Nexus 10 Hits Japan

Google Nexus 10

Good news for people in Japan, Google Nexus 10 is officially available on the Google Play Store for Japan. Priced around $400 for 16GB and $480 for 32GB.

Here comes good news for Google‘ fans living in Japan. The much awaited Samsung Nexus 10 that was launched in many countries in November last year is now ready to glow in the hands of Japanese users. The Japanese users can buy it straight away from the Google Play Store. The release was in the rumors for quite some time, and finally it has taken the practical form.
Samsung Nexus 10 is an amazing product that shows the power of Samsung-Google combination. The tablet’s the best part is its display that offers 2560 x 1600 resolution. Due to the super HD display and Exynos 5 dual processor, the tablet has received tremendous response from the users worldwide. Now it is set to get the same response from Japanese users.

Source: PC Tablet