Google Doodles Available Now for Android

google-now-google-doodleFor those of us who use Google on our desktop PC, Google Doodles is a familiar sight. Whenever the day is an memorable event, the search page is coming alive with miscellaneous items and themes for the event. This is now available on Android.

Here is one report from Android Central on Google Doodles for Valentine’s Day:

A nice little treat this morning — Google Now is now pulling in Google Doodles following yesterday’s update. Whereas those of us outside of major metro areas would see a stock image, we’re now seeing the same as you would on (That any different for those of you in a big city? Let us know.) Today’s Doodle is a cool Ferris Wheel deal that when viewed on the desktop turns into an animated Valentine’s Day thing complete with odd couple and cartoon — just check it out for yourself.

Image Credit : Android Central