Foursquare App for Android Tablet Goes Local

Foursquare App for Android TabletFoursquare has a new update on its app. It is a very popular Android Tablet app. Foursquare has now gone local.

Popular Android app Foursquare has rolled out an update to its android app to give users recommendations on launching the app. With these changes users will be able to quickly view famous landmarks, tourist attractions and popular spots as soon as they launch their Foursquare app in a new destination. Within their town or area Foursquare updates users about places that have been opened recently. These could cover hotels, cafes, museums, theatres and other tourist and entertainment destinations. A search bar is provided for users looking for a particular place rather than the popular spots the app displays on launch.

Source: The Droid Guy

There is no denying that as internet goes global, search goes local. A contradiction perhaps, but it makes perfect sense.

Image Credit : Google Play