Flashing Your Android Tablet

There are a lot of reasons for flashing your Android tablet. One reason is to update it to the latest Android OS version. Is it hard ? Does it run smoothly ? Well, Geoff Gasior just did it, last November and he shares his experience on his blog at Tech Report.

At its core, Android is a Linux-based operating system. Google releases the source code for new versions, and a sizable development community has grown around making that code work with various devices. There are countless custom ROMs available for tablets and smartphones alike, including several different Jelly Bean flavors tailored specifically for the first-generation Transformer. Having successfully—and painlessly—flashed my Galaxy Nexus to a stock Jelly Bean image this summer, I figured I’d do the same with the Transformer. How hard could it be?

Yeah, I know. Famous last words.

Source: Tech Report

His experience is not perfect. While overall his experience is great, his GPS function did not work. The process of flashing itself is not hard. It does require some tech knowledge though. You can read it over at his blog post over at Tech Report.

Personally I do not recommend it, unless you have some tech knowledge and know what you are doing. The risk is also very high. You can “brick” your Android tablet and it will be worthless. But the choice is yours. You can learn from the Tech Report blog post. Be warned of the consequences though.