Five Uses For Old Unused Android Tablet

Samsung-Tablet-PC-7-0-PlusThe Android Tablet market is advancing rapidly. Every day there is a new Android device entering the market. A lot of people have two-three tablets in their household. With new models coming out at a much cheaper price, there are bound to be a lot of unused Android Tablet lying around in the house. Other than selling them, what other uses can they possibly do ? has a great article that listsĀ 5 Things to Do with an Old Android Tablet. Definitely worth a read. The 5 uses are for common household usage :

  1. Alarm Clock
  2. Calendar and To Do List
  3. Digital Photo Frame
  4. Kitchen Help
  5. Home Automation

Now that you have other usage for your old Android Tablet, do check my coverage of Mini Tablet PC right here on this website.