Evernote redesign its Android app

evernote-app-google-play-storeEvernote has updated its Android app, creating a great experience on mobile devices. This update comes a few days after Google Keep note taking service was announced.

Android is the first mobile platform to get access to shortcuts, a helpful feature introduced recently in Evernote’s Mac app. Frequently accessed notes and notebooks can be added to the app’s left panel, saving users from having to dig through through their notebooks.

The company also introduced new features that take advantage of Evernote’s partnership with the hip notebook maker Moleskine, which allow easier digitization of paper notebook pages into digital copies.

Users who pay for Evernote’s premium service are also getting a document search feature that will index keywords in Microsoft Office, iWork and Open Office documents. Now any words found inside those documents will pop up when queried, just as Evernote already now searches through PDFs for keywords.

Source: CNET

Image Credit : Google Play