Cars in Sandbox App for Children

Cars-in-Sandbox-App-Google-PlayChildren are increasingly becoming tablet biggest users. After all most apps on the respective App Marketplace are games. While most games are casual, very few are educational in nature. So, it is nice to see Cars in Sandbox: Construction ported from IOS to Android tablet.

The requirements is Android 2.2 and 42MB of storage. Tablets are preferred of course, due to its bigger screen size. However, it can still be played on Android smartphones.

Kids will definitely love this game as it simulates playing in a sandbox. This is great to play during the winter season where it’s impossible to go out and play in a real sandbox. There are various vehicles to control, most of which are construction vehicles and road-building machines.

While you might think it’s just playing with vehicles in the sand (minus the actual sand of course) the game is really more than that as it is actually a learning tool too. It helps in improving a child’s motor skills and teaches them the principles of cause and effect.

Various activities are present for kids to perform such as go and get a letter and put it in a certain place or move selected items from one area to another. The amazing soundtrack and graphics is entertaining enough to keep your kids glued to the game.

Source: The Droid Guy

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Image Credit : Google Play