Can Android beat iPad ?

There are a lot of predictions and analysis on when Android will beat the iPad. For all we know, Android may already succeed. However, the iPad still have the upper hand. It is still number one for tablet in both sales and usage.

Android-based tablets are gaining ground on the iPad, which is a trend analysts predicted. Analysts believe Android tablets will grab the market share away from Apple just like Android smartphones did against the iPhone.

The prediction may come earlier than expected as analysts forecasted that Android tablets would take the top spot away from Apple in 2015 or 2016, definitely not any time soon. But according to analyst Sameer Singh of Finvista Advisors, Android tablets could overtake Apple as early as the middle of next year.
The latest figures reveal Android tablets own 44 percent of the market.

Source: Gant Daily

Apple ecosystem is also more centralised and in Apple control, which makes it more about quality over quantity. While, Android, is the opposite, it is about quantity, by releasing the OS, manufacturers are free to put out any tablet they see fit. Thus, Android are hitting the low-end market with really cheap Android tablet, some with questionable qualities.

Google, as the biggest stakeholder in Android, of course did not just sit back and watch. It recently released its Google Nexus 7, which becomes a huge hit. It is now the standard for Android tablet build. With big-names brand in the PC taking note and following in Google footstep to build good quality Android tablet at an affordable price.

So, it will be a matter of when, rather than can. If we look back at Apple history, Apple Macintosh was the revolutionary PC back in the old day and very successful too. IBM based PC was also in Android position, PC are being built, some with poor performance, compared to Macintosh. Eventually IBM based PC win, just look around, most PC you use in the office and home are most likely IBM based PC, not a Macintosh.

So, unless Apple does something different, it is likely, history will repeat itself.