Blitz Brigade is Team Fortress for Tablets

blitz-brigade-gameloft-android-communityGameloft has announced it is going to release Blitz Brigade for iOS and Android. A multiplayer game set in WW2 with five classes and multiple weapons and upgrades to choose from. The standard freemium model included. Meaning, you can play for free and purchase upgrades or weapons to boost your character.

The interesting part is that the game concept is similar to Valve famous multiplayer game Team Fortress.

And that isn’t a bad thing. Team Fortress 2 is one of the most exciting and classic shooters on PC if you ask me. This multiplayer team-based first person shooter has all the classic cartoon characters and all, only we’ll be controlling them on our Android devices. It’s a nice mash-up of TF2 and Battlefield Heroes all rolled into one.

Source : Android Community

No release date yet. But there is a video over at Android Community coverage of the game “Gameloft teases Blitz Brigade – it’s like Team Fortress 2 for Android“.

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