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5 Android Tablet Game Changer

Android OS has evolve from smartphone OS to tablet OS, all the way to mobile OS. The Tablet PC is a jumping point for mobile OS revolution. Liliputing has done a great article on “5 tablets that change the Android landscape“. From the original Samsung Galaxy Tab all the way to the popular Google Nexus 7 are covered.

Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first Android tablet released, in 7-inch form. Very different from the iPad 9.7-inch form. It also propels Samsung as a big player in the tablet and smartphone market. Samsung is almost synonymous with Android.

The Nook Color is an optimized e-book reader, that wins users with its low price. It also spawn Amazon Kindle and open a market for specialized e-book reader.

Motorola Xoom is the first tablet with optimized Android OS, Honeycomb. It also receives full Google support.

Asus Transformer TF101 is the first tablet with docking that enables a whole new market. A notebook tablet hybrid. This also set the way for Windows 8, with its touch screen interface.

Google Nexus 7, the most popular Android tablet today. It accumulates all the great things from the previous version and is Google flagship tablet model, even in 2013.

Please read the full coverage at Liliputing for in-depth look at the history and game changer in Android Tablet world.


End of Regular Updates

After over one month of no daily post on this website, I am no longer posting regular daily updates on this website. I will still post updates when I found related and interesting things.

I am going to be much more active in my other website My work life has taken over most of my time. When I finally got time to do regular daily updates, I will announce it later on.

Thank you for reading.

5 Must Have Android Tablet App

To complement all those games on your Android tablet, here are 5 must have Android Tablet App for productivity:

  1. Swiftkey Tablet Keyboard
  2. WiFi File Transfer Pro
  3. Office Suite Pro 7
  4. Nexus Media Importer
  5. Camera Zoom FX

Source: Tech Teen

Got any productivity apps to add to the list ? Write them in the comment area below.

Rumor: Samsung to bring Super AMOLED Full HD to big screen tablet

Full HD AMOLED by SamsungThere is a rumor that Samsung is preparing a 10-inch and 11.6-inch tablet with Super AMOLED Full HD screen. The same screen technology is already used by Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is still one of the best tablet due to its screen technology.

Yesterday, we reported about the Galaxy Tab 3 and today we at SamMobile received new information about a rumoured high-end tablet by Samsung, the Galaxy Tab 3 Plus. Our insiders are working 24/7 for us and just won’t stop. Samsung want to release many devices this year. According to the same insider, Samsung is busy bringing a high-end tablet with Super AMOLED FULL HD Display. Samsung received a ton of positive feedback on their AMOLED display panels and that is why they decided to implement it at a larger-scale. Samsung wants to make a premium tablet that can compete with the Sony XPERIA Tablet Z and the Apple iPad. Sadly the insider couldn’t confirm the screen size of the tablet but he expects it to be 10.1” or 11.6”. At the moment, Samsung has developed prototypes with different screen sizes.

Source: Sam Mobile

Are we going to see it soon enough ? Perhaps at Berlin IFA 2013 ? We will have to wait and see.

Archos GamePad Review

Archos GamePadArchos GamePad combines a tablet with console game stick. Is it a good combination?

Well, Wired has published a review of the Archos Gamepad, priced at $170. It is best played with platformer, fighting games, arcade shooter and sport sims type of games.

For full review, head over to Wired “Review: Archos Gamepad

Rooting Your Android

Android LogoAndroid OS is designed with flexibility and security in mind. Therefore some features are not readily available in the default OS. Major manufacturers also create their own custom UI (User Interface) that works on top of the Android OS. For some people, the need to have certain features are important. Thus, rooting was born.

Rooting your Android basically means installing another OS into the hardware. It is not easy, because it was never designed to have interchangeable OS. If found one guide you can use if you want to root your Android, Digital Trends “How to root your Android phone or tablet“. The guide discuss the pros and cons of rooting, as well as steps to root your Android tablet. If you are interested in rooting or using custom ROM, then go ahead and read the guide.

Android Tablet Usage For Photographer

Google Nexus 7The 7-inch tablet is lightweight and portable. Thus, it is ideal for photographer to carry around. One very good usage for it, is to transfer photos from small sized removeable media card to big sized removeable HDD (Hard Disk Drive). You can save some money and less items to carry on your photo trip.

The steps used do requires rooting your Android Tablet, so it is not for the fainthearted. However, the potential benefit is great. For step by step tutorials and benefits, check out Peta Pixel “How to Back Up Your Pictures Using an Android Tablet and External Hard Drives“.

Android Tablet Choice For Lawyers

Android LogoThere is an interesting article on Droid Lawyer regarding choosing an Android Tablet. Several considerations that the author, Jeffrey Taylor noted in his article are :

  • Screen Size
  • OS version
  • Connectivity, Camera, Cables
  • Customization and Accessories

I agree with Jeff, that for a first tablet user, a 10-inch screen is preferred. Should the user choose a 7-inch tablet, he/she will think of it like an oversized smartphones. After all, smartphones screen of today are 3.5-inch – 4-inch. Some even go as big as 5-inch.

All other considerations are also valid, but not as important as the first one, screen size. What do you think ?