Andy Rubin steps down as Android Chief

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean LogoAndy Rubin, the man behind the Android ecosystem is resigning his position as Android Chief. That position will be taken over by Sundar Pichai.

Now, Andy Rubin has decided to move on and is stepping aside from his post as Google’s Android chief. Sundar Pichai will step in to fill Rubin’s shoes. Pichai suddenly has his hands in some of Google’s most important projects; in addition to his new job heading up the Android group, he is also responsible for working on Chrome and Apps.

Page’s announcement did not say what Rubin will be doing next, but he is apparently staying on at Google. What exactly he will be doing at the company is still a mystery, although Page’s request to Rubin–”More moonshots, please!”–indicates that he’s going to be contributing in a big way.

Source: Hot Hardware

While it is not clear yet, what position Andy Rubin will hold within Google. His work with Android is an inspiration for all of us.