Android Tablet vs iPad

The Android Tablet vs iPad story has been covered many times. Here is a balanced versus story that covers both sides very well.

Android powered tablets
These tablets run on Google’s operating system known popularly as Android. Unlike in the Smartphone market where Android handsets have caught up brilliantly with other competitors, they are still far behind the iPad.

There are quite a few reasons that can be attributed to this. Primary among them is the availability of limited apps that can work on the Android tablet. The iPad, on the other hand, has thousands of cool apps that are still creating ripples.

There are several tablet makers who fall under the Android category and they are trying to compete with Apple’s iPhone. These makers have released tablets with different versions and configurations. Thus, the pricing strategy is also very vast.

There are some Android tablets that are strictly value for money and can be used for basic features like online surfing or reading e-books on it. Such tablets are relatively much cheaper than what is offered by iPad and many other Android products themselves.

At the same time, there are some powerful contenders like Samsung and Asus, who have rolled out high quality tablets with great screen resolution and other features. One of the advantages that Android tablets have over the iPhone is that they are Flash enabled. This means that a lot of sites having flash presentations can be viewed on the Android tablets.

IPad powered tablets
These tablets are powered by the iOS operating system, which was developed by Apple. The iPad has many things in its favor as far as today’s tabloid market is concerned. It has great display properties and resolution. They are one of the best tablets, when it comes to performance.

On the flip side, the iPad is an expensive gadget and not everybody can afford it. This is a negative aspect, especially when you compare them with several Android tablets out there, which caters to very specific profiles and markets for all the users.

The iPhone also has access to thousands of apps that can have been specially designed keeping the tablet in mind. If you were to consider the iPhone apps that are compatible with the iPad, the number gets even the more massive.

Also, the iPad is not enabled with flash, which is substantial negative point. There are several sites on the net, some as popular as YouTube that may require the use of Flash to work with. This might make the device unusable in some instances such as these.

Source : TC Geeks

Which one is your favourite ? Android Tablet or the iPad ?