Android Tablet Lack of Quality Tablet Apps

It seems the quantity of tablet apps available in the Google Play is not enough. Users are also demanding quality.

Well, the time to get serious about tablet apps is not “now”, it should have been several months ago with the launch of the Nexus 7, but there’s still time to catch up. And the slower Google and the Android team move, the harder it will be to erase the “bad apps” stigma that their tablets have been tainted with in all the media and technology blogs.

As an Android tablet owner and fan, all I can do is rant, and keep doing all that I can to point users towards to best apps, then hope that Google fixes this mess sometime in 2013.

Source: Android App Storm

Apple is, of course, not without its problems in the app section. Some of the apps in the Apple iTunes, despite strict quality control and guidelines are also bad. So this is experienced by all vendors.

Google choose to let Android Apps runs free and let users finds out by themselves. Google believes nature will take care of itself, bad apps will eventually die. However, I agree with Rita over at Android App Storm, Google do need to take action and weed out the really bad app from its store. Google should also encourage good app quality guidelines and enforce it. Perhaps not as strict as Apple, but effort must be done and shown in this direction.

Blackberry is building up hype and apps for their Blackberry 10. It is coming this January. While it still remains to be seen if the apps for Blackberry 10 is any good and in big enough quantity to compete with the existing gigantic Android and Apple app store. At least they have shown effort and publicity by hosting numerous hackathon and port-an-app stuff for their Blackberry 10.

Will 2013 will be the year Google finally takes action ?