Android Tablet From Polaroid For Kids

Polaroid, who is famous for their instant camera, is releasing an Android Tablet. For kids. Apparently  with the adult market saturated with competitor, Polaroid is trying to make its mark by befriending kids.

Included are a customized suite of apps like Kids Cam, Music Studio and Draw that encourage children to develop creative capabilities, and show off their creative side to friends and family members with videos, pictures and songs. The tablet also features Kids Vids, an app that allows children to stream safe and filtered videos for all age groups and Free Play, a simple & unique way to display all the free games/apps available for download from the kid-friendly App Shop.

Equipped with side and rear bumpers to help protect the tablet from accidental bumps as well as built-in parental controls and a safe web browser that are quick and easy to set up, the tablet is designed to provide a safe interactive experience. Also included is the exclusive App Shop which is loaded with a variety of free and paid kid-friendly apps. The tablet even features a display lock, which locks the tablet’s display and buttons, allowing young children to enjoy videos or interactive books without interruption.

The Polaroid kids tablet comes preloaded with a selection of top-rated interactive children’s books, as well as NOOK for Android from Barnes and Noble. The tablet includes award-winning Dr. Seuss and Smithsonian interactive books which offer kids three different ways to read – “Read to me” where you listen to the book with the words highlighted, “Read it myself” where you read the book in its traditional form, and “Auto-Play” where the book plays like a movie, automatically reading and turning the pages. It also features top-rated learning apps that children will have fun with as they learn their numbers, letters and much more.

The 7.0″ capacitive, multi-touch display supports 800×480 pixels resolution (16:9) , 8 GB of internal storage with additional external SD card slot. It is based on a 1.0 GHz CORTEX-A8 processor and comes with 512MB DDR3 RAM. A 2MP camera and wIFi connectivity completes the package.

Source: Geek Zone

It will be available for US$149.99. Look for it soon in your local retailer. For the adults, which means the rest of us, check out my Mini Tablet PC and Samsung Tablet PC specials.