Android Tablet Apps For Your Kitchen


Android Tablet is invading the household. No longer confined to the living room and bedroom, it is now being used in the kitchen. The tablet form factor is indeed small enough for use in the kitchen. So, here are 5 Apps to use in your kitchen:

  1. Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook
  2. Cocktail Flow
  3. Fooducate
  4. Recipe Search
  5. GrubHub

Source: The Droid Guy

Naturally, most of the apps contains food and drink recipes. Fooducate, however adds value by counting the calories in your meal. To help with a balanced diet. GrubHub is a delivery service app that list restaurant closest to your house that offers delivery service. Perfect if you are lazy to go out or for feeding large number of guests in your house.

What is your favorite kitchen related apps ? Do share with us.

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Image Credit : The Droid Guy