Android Tablet Achiles Heel

Apparently the main reason for Android based Tablets failing again and again to remove the iPad from its crown is the old app quality and availability. That seems to be the main consensus over at Pocket Now article “iPad Killers? This Is Why Android Tablets Don’t Sell“.

Google knows its problem, and yet fails to address the problem over the years. Apple iOS ecosystem is just perfect. Less fragmentation is surely one of the major reason. However it is not an excuse. The quality of apps is also a problem, with most apps fails to scale to the 10-inch tablet size, which is why the 7-inch tablet becomes popular on Android ecosystem.

More apps and more Android based tablets is not the solution. It is their unity that must be worked on to create a comprehensive ecosystem that works as well as iOS.

Until then, Android Tablet Achiles Heel will remain its apps.