Android Mobile TV From RCA

With the avalanche of Android tablets, electronics company are finding new niches to target. RCA has announced a Mobile TV Tablet. It will be running Android, together with a TV Tuner. It is estimated to be priced at $299 with a release date of Spring.

Of all the companies that we were certain would be producing tablets at CES 2013, RCA was most certainly not in that group. Nevertheless, that’s one of the companies that is indeed introducing a tablet in Las Vegas this year, with the Mobile TV Tablet (Model DDA850R) breaking into the market. It’s actually a pretty unique twist on the conventional tablet. It’s an 8″ unit that claims to be the first in the industry to offer twin tuners inside. It includes a standard over-the-air DTV tuner, along with a mobile TV tuner that is compatible with Dyle mobile TV, a service that enables consumers to watch live, local TV while they are on the go. The RCA Mobile TV Tablet is the first tablet device to feature an integrated mobile TV tuner with Dyle mobile TV, offering viewers on-the-go access to 130 mobile TV stations throughout the country.

Source: Hot Hardware

While most of the word is moving towards internet enabled movies and TV shows, it seems RCA see that there is a gap between today and tommorow TV. People will still need regular TV stations and this tablet is their proof of concept.

Is it going to take off ? We won’t know until spring of 2013.

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