Android Apps Less Intrusive Than iOS Apps

Privacy is a major concern right now. Social media and mobile apps are arriving in droves daily. To use them, we do need to provide real life information. It is therefore prone to misuse by the apps providers. A recent article from The Droid Guy indicates that “iOS Apps Collect More Personal Information than Android apps, says Study“.

While the quantity of sample in the study is not big enough to be a representation of the whole ecosystem, it does provide an indication.

Android Apps are less instrusive than iOS Apps. Their use of personal data and sharing of personal data is lower than iOS numbers.

The study was conducted on 100 free apps- 50 Android apps and 50 iOS apps, spread across five different categories. The study found out that all iOS apps used unencrypted connection for sending/receiving data, while only 8% Android apps used encrypted information.

The report further explains how iOS apps collect more information when compared to Android apps. For instance, 60% of iOS apps collect location data, while that number for Android is 42%. 54% iOS apps collect email information, while only 20% Android apps do that. The study also reveals that iOS apps shared more data with ad networks when compared to Android apps.

Source: The Droid Guy


The Droid Guy article goes further in saying that both Google and Apple can filter the apps to actually use only needed permissions for the apps. I do agree with this method. However, doing so will mean less apps for the platform, which is something both companies will not approve.