Amazon not Google is Android Tablet King

Global Android Tablet Share January 2013 LocalyticsA recent research from Localytics, reported first by The Next Web puts Amazon Kindle Fire as the king of the Android tablet. It is reported that Kindle Fire dominates the US tablet market with 33%. While the US market held 59% of the world tablet market share.

Localytics based their data on app usage of its analytics and in-app marketing solution which amounts to half a billion unique devices.

While Amazon never actually discloses its sales figure, this news comes as no surprise. The Kindle Fire has been available for several years now. Google Nexus 7 are relatively new and with limited availability, it is not filling all the demand for it right now.

What is interesting is the fact that Amazon uses its own ecosystem to sell its products. This slows Google attempt at world dominance of the mobile world with its services.

Enders Analysis analyst Benedict Evans recently looked at what Google stands to gain from Android. While much of the motivation is to help technology reach the hands of new users, Google’s services are baked into the operating system. As it stands, given that Amazon’s own fork of Android cuts out a number of key Google properties — most notable the Google Play app and content store — its continued dominance is lessening the impact of said Google services in Android.

Source: The Next Web

On a note from Localytics to Android tablet developer, do take Amazon App Store seriously. It is dominating the Android tablet market right now and its distribution reach is not to be underestimated.

In the meantime, any Android developer with a focus on tablets should be distributing their apps in the Amazon App Store. The degree to which Amazon has dominated their most serious geographical market should speak to the future potential, and since Google Play is unavailable on the Kindle Fire family, adding Amazon’s App Store as a distribution channel is important.

Source : Localytics Blog

After conquering the US market, can Amazon with its Kindle Fire reach success overseas ? That is the big question right now.

Despite its popularity in the U.S., though, the Kindle Fire doesn’t really register overseas, though it’s only been available in select international markets for a short time. Eighty-nine percent of the Kindle Fire tablets logged by Localytics were from the U.S., with “most of the rest” in the U.K. “After those two, no other country has even one percent of worldwide Kindle Fires,” Localytics said.

“Should [Amazon] get the distribution part right, their US success suggests they could quickly dominate the Android tablet market worldwide,” Localytics said.

Source: PC Magazine

The Android Tablet is market is still growing and with the fragmentation of the Android ecosystem, who knows who will be the next king of Android Tablet