Ads are necessary for Android Tablet

Ad Block PlusIn a surprising move, Google has decided to block ads filtering app on its Google Play Store. This moves means Android Tablet users are stuck with ads. Some of them are malicious and dangerous.

Google defends its stand by claiming that any app that violates its policies must go and that AdBlock has not been in tune with Google’s app policies. Due to violation of a policy which states in effect that ads tied to one app cannot interfere with an ad on another third-party app, Google has moved against Ad blocking apps in general with AdBlock in particular.

Source: The Droid Guy

The move is apparently aimed at AdBlock, the most popular ad filtering apps in Google Play. AdBlock is very popular as a browser add-on in the desktop market and found its way into Google Play.

The app itself is still available on alternative App Store as stated by Ad Block Plus website:

Installing Adblock Plus from our website will still be possible. We will also add Adblock Plus to all alternative app stores to make sure it’s easier to find. The next release will also have automatic updates that are independent from the Google Play store (not quite as comfortable unfortunately) so updating manually will no longer be necessary.

Source: AdBlock Plus

Image Credit : AdBlock Plus