5 Android Tablet Game Changer

Android OS has evolve from smartphone OS to tablet OS, all the way to mobile OS. The Tablet PC is a jumping point for mobile OS revolution. Liliputing has done a great article on “5 tablets that change the Android landscape“. From the original Samsung Galaxy Tab all the way to the popular Google Nexus 7 are covered.

Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first Android tablet released, in 7-inch form. Very different from the iPad 9.7-inch form. It also propels Samsung as a big player in the tablet and smartphone market. Samsung is almost synonymous with Android.

The Nook Color is an optimized e-book reader, that wins users with its low price. It also spawn Amazon Kindle and open a market for specialized e-book reader.

Motorola Xoom is the first tablet with optimized Android OS, Honeycomb. It also receives full Google support.

Asus Transformer TF101 is the first tablet with docking that enables a whole new market. A notebook tablet hybrid. This also set the way for Windows 8, with its touch screen interface.

Google Nexus 7, the most popular Android tablet today. It accumulates all the great things from the previous version and is Google flagship tablet model, even in 2013.

Please read the full coverage at Liliputing for in-depth look at the history and game changer in Android Tablet world.