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Here we will explain to you what is an Android Tablet. We are sure all of you are familiar with the word tablet pc by now, if not, then think Apple iPad. If nothing rings a bell, we will try to explain it the best we can.

Imagine a computer monitor, about 10-inch size, normally a computer screen requires a separate PC box. now imagine the computer monitor includes the PC box and it is slim and thin. When you turn on the tablet PC, you are greeted with a screen, you touch the screen to do action, no need for a keyboard and mouse.

Hopefully you get the idea, if not, maybe this video can help. The video is a review of Motorola Xoom, a great high-end Android Tablet from CNETTV. You can also see the comparison with Samsung Galaxy Tablet and Apple iPad.

The word Android refers to Google Operating System designed for mobile phones and tablets. It is an interface between us and mobile phones and tablets that allows us to manipulate tablets. The best official definition of Android is:

Android, the world’s most popular mobile platform

Android powers millions of phones, tablets, and other devices and brings the power of Google and the web into your hands.

With an amazingly fast browser, cloud sync, multi-tasking, easy ways to connect & share and the latest Google apps (and thousands of other apps available on Android Market) your Android powered device is beyond smart.


Android Operating System itself is based on Linux, a free open source Operating System. Linux is in popular use as servers and application development platform. The Android developer first focused on mobile phone customization and optimization. After the explosive growth of Apple iPad Tablet, a tablet version was quickly developed (Android 3.x Honeycomb). Android 3.0 was first used on Motorola Xoom.

There are two versions of Android right now, 2.x for mobile phones and 3.x for tablets. What is the difference between those versions ? See the pictures below:

Android 2.3 Home Screen
This is the standard Android 2.3 Home screen, as seen on the Google Nexus S
Android Honeycomb Home Screen
The Android Home screen on tablets offers more space for widgets and apps, and has the navigation keys in the bottom-left

Basically, the difference between Android 2.x and 3.x is mainly in how they use the screen space. Tablets naturally have a bigger space and bigger icon size. A mobile phone screen size is usually defined as below 7-inch. Anything 7-inch and above is considered a tablet.

The most common size of tablet is 7-inch and 10-inch, the iPad size is about 10-inch and it has becomes the standard size for tablet. It is big enough to see the content clearly and small enough to be portable. The 7-inch tablet has the advantage of better portability, it is smaller of course and requires less space and lighter to carry around.

As an Operating System, Android itself only handles basic functions such as phone dialer, phone book and text messaging. Other than that are handled by apps. Due to the nature of Android as an open source operating system, there are numerous Android marketplace where you can find apps, compared to Apple App Store, the only source for apps for iPad. The official Android marketplace is Android Market, which you can find at By last count, there are over 400.000 Android Apps available on the market.

Android Open Source Project

The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is led by Google, and is tasked with the maintenance and development of Android. According to the project “The goal of the Android Open Source Project is to create a successful real-world product that improves the mobile experience for end users.” AOSP also maintains the Android Compatibility Program, defining an “Android compatible” device “as one that can run any application written by third-party developers using the Android SDK and NDK”, to prevent incompatible Android implementations. The compatibility program is also optional and free of charge, with the Compatibility Test Suite also free and open-source.


As quoted above, Android is an open source project and because of that, there are a lot of choice when it comes to buying an Android Tablet. Major mobile phone manufacturers (Samsung,Motorola, etc) and even Personal Computer manufacturers (Asus, Acer, Lenovo, etc) are offering different models of Android tablet. Not to mention many other small manufacturers offering cheap Android Tablet.

Currently the best tablets are running Android OS 3.x, codenamed Honeycomb. It is fully optimized for tablet environment. Android 3.x builds on the things people love most about Android — refined multitasking, rich notifications, Home screen customization, widgets, and more — and transforms them with a vibrant, 3D experience and deeper interactivity, making them familiar but even better than before.

The price range for good Android Tablet from major manufacturers is from $399 upwards, depending on configurations, usually internal storage, ranging between 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Screen size also determines the price with 10-inch screen size the highest priced and 7-inch screen size having a lower price tags.

You can of course get an Android Tablet for a price lower than $399, but beware of the lower specifications, most notably the processors and RAM memory which affects performance. Also lack of features, since cheap Android Tablet are using the Android 2.x meant for mobile phone which means that icons can be too small to see and applications load slower.

Also noteworthy is specialized Android based Tablet, such as the Amazon Kindle Fire which is a customized version of Android Tablet aimed at E-Book Reading which sacrificied a lot of high-end features and components but is highly optimized to do one task which it does very well.

In summary, Android Tablet is a compact PC powered by Google Android Operating System, with Apps available to get things done on the Android Tablet. With a wide range of manufacturers creating Android Tablet, price, specifications and features varied widely. There is an Android Tablet for everyone!